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Thinking of a Wind Up My Company? What Are The Options?


Many companies are finding themselves unable to pay their liabilities as and when they fall due. Alternatively on analysis they find that their assets are less than their liabilities. These are two classic definitions of insolvency, and any Director who finds that his company is in this position will need to take advice. Failure to do so may result in an action for wrongful trading at some stage in the future. For many directors who ask themselves 'How do I wind up my company' the solution may be to liquidate the company and start again. The favoured way to do this is via a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation.

A Creditors Voluntary Liquidation is very common, quick and a very powerful way to close a business and deal with everything properly. The comapny is closed and you can get on with any new business quickly. Any leases are cancelled and the staff made redundant. It is a relatively cheap and timely way of doing things and is thus, for many, the favoured route.

So how do you wind up my company from a liquidator's point of view? Well, the liquidator's job is to call a meeting of creditors and prepare a statement of affairs. The creditors, on attending the meeting, will vote on whether to place the company into liquidation or to go some other route. If liquidation is chosen then the liquidator implements this and investigates the conduct of the directors immediately prior to the liquidation. He also collects assets and turns them into cash.

It is often the case that the only people interested in acquiring any assets are the old (or original) directors, and so these can be sold on quickly and cheaply to them. The liquidator then works out the debts and pays the creditors from the remaining assets, if there are any. This allows the company's directors a fresh start, completely debt free. Often the directors are able to be running a new company as the old closes down. It is possible to 'pre-pack' a liquidation so that this change is completely seamless.

If you would like to talk about how to wind up your company to a specialist with 17 years corporate insolvency experience then enter your details into the web form below for a no-obligation chat.

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